The crow and the snake : อีกากับงู

Once upon a time, there lived a family of crows in an old banyan tree at the edge of a forest.   They had lived there for ages and were very happy.

However, their happiness was not to last much longer. Along black snake came and made his home in a hole at the bottom of the tree.

When the crows left their nest in search of food, the wicked snake crawled up the tree and ate up the eggs.  Mama Crow had laid.

When the crows returned, they were shocked to find their eggs missing.  This happened quite a few times and then Mama Crow said, “Tomorrow, I will stay back and guard my eggs. You must bring some food back for me.”

So, the next morning, Mama Crow stayed back. However, the snake still came up.  Mama Crow screamed, “Shoo

When Papa Crow returned, he found his wife weeping bitterly. “What is it? What happened?” he asked.  Mama Crow replied, “We must leave our beloved home. There’s a horrible snake who steals our eggs. Even today he took all our eggs!”

The Papa Crow thought for a while and said, “We cannot leave our home. We must chase the snake away instead. Let’s go to Grandma crow. She is wise and will advice us.”  So the Crows flew to a nearby tree where Grandma crow lived.

They told her their sorry tale and said, “Please Grandma, we need your help.”  The Grandma crow thought for a while and said, “I have a plan but you must do exactly as i say for it to work.”  “We will!” replied the crows eagerly.

“Every morning, the queen and her maids come to the river nearby to bathe. They leave their jewelry on the bank in the care of some servants.  You must steal a necklace and attract the attention of the servants so that they chase you.”

The next morning, Papa Crow carried out Grandma’s plan. He stole the necklace and dropped it into the snake’s hole.

When the servants tried taking the necklace out of the hole, the snake was disturbed and came out. They were scared and beat the snake to death.

And so, Mama and Papa Crow were rid of their wicked enemy and lived happily ever after.

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Thumbelina : ธัมเบลิน่า นางฟ้าตัวจิ๋ว

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little girl who was smaller than any girl you have ever seen.  Her mother said, “Look, she is no bigger than my thumb! I shall call her Thumbelina!”

One day, an ugly frog saw her and thought, “What a cute little girl! I shall make her my wife!”  And as Thumbelina slept, he carried her away to the pond and placed her on a lotus lead.

When she woke up, Thumbelina saw she was alone in the middle of the pond. She began to cry.  A little fish took pity on her and decided to save her from the frog. She carefully pulled the leaf to the bank and left Thumbelina there.

Then, a beautiful, big butterfly saw her and said, “Ride on my back. I will take you to a beautiful valley full of flowers.”  Thumbelina agreed and was very happy to live there with the butterflies, insects and birds.

One day, Thumbelina found a blue bird who had hurt a wing and had fallen in the valley.  The kind girl looked after the bird till he was strong enough to fly again.  “Thank you Thumbelina, what a kind girl you are!” said the bird and flew away.

Soon, winter came. All the flowers dried up and the birds went away to warmer places. Poor Thumbelina was all alone. It was so cold that the little girl nearly froze to death and lay shivering on the ground.

Luckily, a kind field mouse saw her and took her to her home.  She gave Thumbelina some hot soup and slowly, Thumbelina became strong again.

That whole winter, Thumbelina stayed with the field mouse.  Then, one day, the field mouse said, “Thumbelina, you must marry our neighbor, Mr. Mole.”

But Thumbelina did not want to marry Mr. Mole at all! “He may be wise, but he lives in an underground house.  If I marry him, I shall never see the sun, the flowers and the birds again!” she thought unhappily.

As Thumbelina sat worrying she suddenly saw her old friend, the blue bird.  “Why are you looking so sad?” he asked her, and she told him her problem.  “Come with me, I’ll take you far away from here!” he replied.

The blue bird took Thumbelina to a beautiful little kingdom full of little people who were no bigger than a thumb.  The warmly welcomed her to their land and she lived there for many years. How happy she was to finally find a home with friendly people who were just like her!

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Hansel and Gretel : แฮนเซลกับเกรเทล ผจญภัยบ้านขนมปัง

One upon a time, in a faraway forest, there lived a poor woodcutter, his wife and their two young children.  The boy’s name was Hansel and the girl was called Gretel.

The woodcutter was so poor that the family had very little food to eat.  So one night, the woodcutter’s wife said,  “We cannot take care of the children anymore. You must take them to the middle of the forest and leave there.”

The two children heard their parents talk and they were very scared. “We don’t want to live in the forest!” they said to each other. So, the cleaver children came up with a plan to save themselves.  That night, they quietly filled their pockets with tiny pebbles.

The next morning, as the woodcutter took them to the middle of the forest, Hansel and Gretel dropped the pebbles all along the way.  When their father left them, all they had to do was to follow the line of pebbles back home!

The woodcutter and his wife were surprised to see the children back home. “We must take them again tomorrow,” they said.   Hansel and Gretel were very worried now. “All our pebbles are gone! What do we do now?” they cried.

“I have an idea!” said Hansel. “We can drop bread crumbs this time!”  So, the next morning, when the woodcutter took the children deep inside the forest to leave them there again, the children dropped crumbs of bread all along the way.

But sadly for the children, the animals and birds had eaten up all the crumbs!  Now, Hansel and Gretel walked and walked but couldn’t find their way back home.

Suddenly, hidden in the trees, they saw a strange house made of candy, cookie, chocolate and everything delicious.  “This is a gingerbread house!” cried Gretel happily.  The children were so hungry that they started gobbling up the house at once.

Now this house actually belonged to an old witch who loved to eat little children. Just as Hansel and Gretel were eating her yummy door, she pounced on them and locked them inside!  “I shall fatten you up and eat you!” she said with a wicked laugh.

The wicked witch locked Hansel in a cage. Then, she turned to Gretel and said, “You! Little girl! Help me light the oven! When it is hot, I shall cook your bother and eat him up!”  Poor Gretel was so afraid!

Gretel quickly thought of a plan to save her brother. Just as the witch bent to check if the oven was hot, she gave her a big push from behind.  The witch fell in to the oven with a scream and Gretel quickly locked the oven door with the witch inside!

Gretel rescued Hansel and the two children filled their pockets with all the witch’s jewels. Finally, they managed to find their way back home and gave all the jewels to their mother and father.  Thanks to the clever children, the woodcutter and his family were never poor or hungry ever again!

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Little Red Ridding Hood : หนูน้อยหมวกแดง

Once upon a time, in a small village at the edge of the woods, there lived a very pretty young girl. Since she always wore a red cape with a hood, she was known as Little Red Riding Hood.

One day, Red Riding Hood’s mother gave her a basket of fresh apples to take to her grandmother. “Don’t take to strangers on the way,” her mother warned her.  The girl promised to be home before dark and set off to her grandmother’s house which was deep in the woods.

Now in this forest lived one, big bad wolf, who ate up little children. He saw Red Riding Hood skipping along the path and badly wanted to eat her up. So he came up with a wicked plan.

The wolf jumped out of the bushes in front of Red Riding Hood. “Hello, young lady! Where are you going?” he asked with a sweet smile.  Red Riding Hood forgot her mother’s wise words. Immediately, she told him, “I’m going to see Grandma. She lives at the end of this path.”

The wolf cunningly said, “Well then, you should take her some flowers too.”  While Red Riding Hood was busy looking for flowers for Grandma, the wolf took a shortcut and reached Grandma’s house.

There, the wolf knocked on the door. He changed his voice and said, “It’s me, Red Riding Hood. Do let me in Grandma!”  But as soon as the old lady opened the door, he pounced on her and gobbled her up whole.

Then, the wolf quickly wore Grandma’s cap and clothes, tucked himself into bed, and lay waiting for the grand-daughter.  “Come in, dear!” called the wicked wolf in Grandma’s voice, as soon as young Red reached the cottage.

Red Riding Hood came into the room, and was surprised to see her ‘grandmother’ in bed. “Oh Grandma, what big arms you have! she said  “All the better to hug you with, my dear,” replied the wolf.

“Oh Grandma, what big ears you have!” continued Red Riding Hood.  “All the better to hear you with, my dear,” said the wolf smiling.

“Oh Grandma, what big teeth you have!” cried Red Riding Hood, her eyes wide with surprise.  The wolf laughed a wicked laugh. “All the better to eat you with!” he said and pounced on her in a flash!

Little Red Riding Hood was very scared. “Help!” she screamed.  Just then, a kind woodcutter was passing by the house. He saw the big wolf trying to catch the young girl and immediately hit the wolf on his head with his axe.

The woodcutter and Red Riding Hood cut open the wolf’s stomach, and out came Grandma! She was scared, but quite unhurt.  The big bad wolf could never hurt anyone any more.  As for Red Riding Hood, she was a very good girl and remembered never to speak to strangers ever again.

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Rapunzel : ราพันเซล

In a land far away, lived a poor farmer and his wife.  One day, they tried to pluck fruits from their neighbour’s garden.  But their neighbour was actually an old, wicked witch.

She screamed, “How dare you steal from my garden! I’ll turn you both into rats!”  The couple trembled with fear.  Finally the witch said, “Very well, I’ll let you go. But you have to give me your first child.”  They were so scared, that they immediately agreed and fled.

A few years later, a beautiful baby girl was born to the farmer and his wife.  Immediately, the old witch came and snatched the girl away from them.  She named her Rapunzel, and kept her locked up in a tall tower.

The only person she ever saw was the old witch.  Every day, the witch used to come to the foot of the tower and call, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”  Rapunzel the used to let her long plait fall out the window, and the witch used to hold onto it and climb up.

One day, a prince who was passing by, hid behind the trees and watched the witch.  As soon as she left,  he too decided to try.  “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” he cried, and climbed up in to her room.

Rapunzel was stunned to see the prince.  She had never before seen anybody so handsome. The prince too fell in love with her.  They began to secretly meet everyday after the witch left.

One day however, by mistake, Rapunzel said to the witch, “My, you are so much heavier than my price!”  The witch realized what had been going on. She screamed and shouted in anger. She cut off Rapunzel’s hair and sent her off deep into the forest.

That day, when the prince came, he found the witch waiting for him at the top of the tower.  She cursed and screamed some more, before casting a spell on him, that made the prince lose his sight.

The prince, now blind and broken hearted, wandered through the forest.  Many days later, Rapunzel found him wounded among the trees.

Rapunzel began to cry at the sorry sight of her prince.  But as soon as her tears fell on him, his wounds healed, and his eyesight returned!

The first thing the prince saw was his beloved Rapunzel.  They were overjoyed to find each other again.  They went away to his kingdom, and lived happily ever after, far away from the wicked witch.

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Pinocchio : พินอคคิโอ้

Once upon a time, there lived and old carpenter named Geppeto. One day, he carved a puppet in the shape of a little boy and named him Pinocchio. “How I wish this boy was real!” he said longingly.

A kind fairy who was passing by heard Gepato’s words. That night, she sprinkled some magic dust on the puppet and brought Pinocchio to life.  “But remember,” she told the boy, “if you want to be a real boy, you must always be good and make your father, Gepato, proud.”

Geppeto loved Pinocchio dearly. He bought books for Pinocchio and sent him to school so that he would become a very clever boy.

But Pinocchio was quite naughty. He and his friends used to skip school to play and have fun all the time. When Gepatto found out, he was very angry. “Did you miss school?” he asked.

Naughty Pinocchio refused to tell the truth. “No father, I was in school all day!” he lied.  Immediately, his wooden nose started to grow long!  “Are you telling a lie?” Geppeto asked with a frown. “No father!” Geppeto asked with a frown. “No father!” He replied and his nose grew longer again.

In fact, every time Pinocchio told a lie, his nose became longer and longer.  Every time, Geppeto’s friend, the woodpecker had to peck the boy’s nose to its actual size. And every time, Pinocchio used to promise to be a good boy next time.

But Pinocchio soon forgot his promise. He thought, “School is no fun at all. I don’t want to study anymore. I went to have grand adventures!”  So, Pinocchio and his friends ran away from home and joined a circus.

However, Pinocchio soon realized that circus life was not fun at all.  He worked all day and he missed Geppeto terribly. Plus, because he had stopped going to school, he had grown to large donkey ears. Poor Pinocchio!

Then one day, he heard terrible news. Geppeto, who had been searching everywhere for his son, had been swallowed up by a huge whale!  Immediately, Pinocchio set off to try to save his father.

Finally, Pinocchio found the whale. But as soon as the whale saw him, it swallowed him up as well!  Inside th e  whale’s belly, who do you think he saw? It was Geppeto! How happy they were to see each other!

“I have a plan to get out,” said Pinocchio, and began tickling the whale’s stomach. As soon as the whale opened its mouth and gave a big sneeze, Pinocchio and Geppeto shot out!

Pinocchio and Geppeto finally reached home safety. The fairy was so pleased with Pinocchio’s bravery that she decided to make him into a real flesh and blood boy.  From that day, he was a very good boy who never missed school again, and the father and son lived happily ever after.

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The Flog Prince : เจ้าชายกบ

In a kingdom far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess. Every morning, she used to go to the palace gardens and play with a golden ball.  It was her most favorite thing.

One day, she threw the ball too far and it fell into the palace fountain. The Princess began to cry. “Oh no!” she said. “The water is too deep for me to find my golden ball!.”

A frog who lived in the well heard the Princess crying. It said, “Don’t worry Princess, I will find your ball. But in return, you must take me back to the palace with you, love me, let me eat from you plate and let me sleep in your bed.”

The Princess thought,  “What an ugly creature this talking frog is! I don’t want to take it to the castle!” Yet, she agreed.  The frog jumped into the water, brought the ball out and gave it to her. At once, she grabbed the ball and ran away!

That night, there was a loud knock on the palace door. It was the frog! “Open the door, Princess! You must keep your promise and let me live with you,” it said loudly.

The Princess ran to her father to tell him everything that had happened. The King listened to her carefully and said, “You must keep your word. Now go and let the frog in!”

As soon as the Princess opened the door, the frog hopped right in, croaking happily. “Please lift me up and let me sit on the chair next to you,” he said. The Princess unhappily did so.

At dinner time, the frog reminded the Princess, “You said you will let me eat from your plate. Now please put your plate close to me.” The Princess was horrified. “How can I eat from the same plate as a dirty frog?”  she thought. But she could not go back on her word now.

After the frog had filled its stomach, it said,  “I am tired. I want to go up and sleep on your soft bed.” The Princess hated to touch the frog, but she carried it and carefully placed it on the pillow.

For three days, the frog went everywhere with the Princess. They ate, played and slept together. Slowly, the Princess began to grow very fond of the little frog.

Then one fine morning, when the Princess woke up, she saw that the frog was no longer on her pillow. In its place was a handsome young Prince! “Thank you, Princess, for turning me back into a person,” he said with a smile.

The Prince told her that he had been turned into a frog by a wicked witch, who had cursed him to live like an ugly frog till he met a kind girl who would love him, let him eat from her plate and sleep on her bed. Before long, the Frog Prince and the Princess were married, and they happily ruled their kingdom for many many years to come.

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